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Every team member has the opportunity to grow together with us. Delivering better results and staying with us longer also means more money. The compensation wil be released monthly and on time.

We stand here today, because of our loyal and motivated team members! Every day, we’re thankful to be surrounded with people, who give their best every second to support us at achieving out common vision!

In 2020 alone, during the Covid 19 pandemic, we’ve welcomed hundreds of students into our program to study in the U.S.. Whoever starts a career at Epro 360 and wants to stay with us for the long shot can be sure that we can also offer you a secure job in the future.

We’re a family! Everyone gives their best to the company and in return, you get the best from Epro: Our colleagues support and motivate each other. We start our morning not because we have to but because we know we can make a difference for the people we work with.

At Epro, it’s not your working hours don’t count, but rather the results that you bring! We give you many things you need to start with us! At the same time, we are open for you to bring your own rhythm and processes to the team.

You’re not a fan of the typical office job? No problem! Feel free to submit your application regardless of where you currently live. If you fit to our team, we will find a way, to start working together right away.

About the

Epro 360 LLC

Every year, we send students who have dreams for a great future and are hungry for success and knowledge, to study in the U.S. To be truly successful and financially independent in the 21st century, it takes more than a degree. That's exactly what our slogan is: More than a degree. Our excellent team provides students not only knowledge and experience, but also the necessary attitude towards life that leads to success.

"I enjoy working for Epro because of the positive, respectful, and open-minded company culture! With a diversified team and supporting environment, we share the same vision, are dedicated to our mission, and work together to make our ideas come to life. I feel motivated and inspired every day!"

Elisa Weber, Marketing Assistent

"love working for Epro360 because it allows me to be who I am, someone passionate about cultural integration and education. Being able to work with a talented team and motivated group of students is one of the best possible combinations I can think of!"

Aaron Niemeyer, Director of Student Coordination & Research

"I love working for Epro360 because we work remotely with great levels of trust and flexibility. I feel supported by my coworkers, knowing everyone wants to grow, develop, and help build the company. Which is an excellent motivator we are all striving towards the same goal of helping our students achieve their dreams of studying in the U.S.."

Brittaney Mccartney, University Coordinator

"I love the flexibility in terms of work time, I am in a completly different schedule than the rest of the team (who are mainly in europe), and I travel really often, however, everything flows smoothly and in good time manner. This job is perfect for people who move a lot. Not to mention, even though we work completly remote, I feel I've never worked in a place with such good communication! "

Adriana Ramirez, Student Advisor & Development Coordinator

"Always open to seeking innovation with how to serve our customers better. With a desire to journey with customers beyond university, we do not want just to have a transactional relationship with customers but one that will last beyond our services through our community. As a team member, it's rewarding to work for a company that values that innovation and commitment to customers while allowing us to have the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world!"

Hagen Fulford, Director of Finance & Operations

"I like working in a young company because my creative mind can develop here. Everyone is open to new and thoughtful ideas and it's fun to work with so many motivated people. Moreover, the contact with our students is also great. To accompany the path of such young people and to see their dream of studying in the U.S come true - is just fantastic."

Lisa Kalkkuhl, Marketing- & Community Manager

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Student Application Support Specialist

As a Student Support Specialist, you will play a crucial role in securing the success and satisfaction of our students...

University & Program Researcher

As a University & Program Researcher, you will have critical responsibilities that affect the overall fulfillment and satisfaction of our clients...

Student Application Support Specialist

As a Student Support Specialist, you will play a crucial role in securing the success and satisfaction of our students...