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Discover many new cultures in just one country. Master the English language. Enjoy a flexible educational system. Enjoy almost unlimited activities on campus. Build lifetime international relationships with like-minded students from around the world. Enhance your competitiveness on the global job market by setting yourself apart from the peers in your home country with a U.S. degree.

Why study in the United States?

20 of the Top 30 universities in the world are located in the U.S. in 2020, according to Forbes.

Bring your English to the next level

Nowhere else can you perfect the world language with no effort, while at the same time learn the culture of the country that shapes the world.

The best career opportunities

Become a global citizen, discover endless career opportunities, and experience a diversity of people and culture.

Experience the U.S. College Lifestyle

Combine studying, your hobbies, your career development, living & eating together, as well as a unique sports culture all in one place.

Epro 360 gets you to the U.S.

Epro 360´s combined service of helping you find the best university for your profile and desires, organising your studies in the U.S., along with your personal college application (English language tests, health insurance), getting connected to like-minded students in our Epro 360 community, the lifetime-access to this social capital is unique anywhere in the world!

1:1 Guidance

Your perfect study guide for the United States. From college research to first lecture, step by step, like no other

Personal Support

24/7 access to expert knowledge, to find the answer you need, in order to succeed in the application process


Join our community and meet hundreds of like-minded students, who also share the same goals and ambitions.

Partial Scholarship

With the unique Epro 360 method, we make studying in the United States affordable for you, too.

""How Epro 360 helped me achieve my dream of studying abroad!"

"To live in another country, to get to know a new culture and new traditions and to broaden my horizon… That’s what I wanted and that's what I got thanks to Epro 360!"

Annalena Engelbracht

"With the help of Epro, I can study and graduate in the U.S. This is very special and I am very happy and proud that I'm going this way."

"Epro has changed my life 360 degrees. As an Epro 360 student, you simply feel special!"

"It feels awesome to be an Epro 360 student! Everyone wants the best for you!"

"With the help of Epro 360 I was able to get the chance that I've always wanted: studying dramatic arts in the U.S.!"

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Let your dream to study in the United States come true

How Epro 360 works?

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Easy to study in the U.S when you do it with Epro

Student Visa for the U.S.

We take care of your paperwork.

Finding the Right University

Find the best out of +5.000 universities - for you.

University Application

We guide you on how to perfect your application.

Get the Best Food

3 meals per day are included on campus.

English Language Exams

Be 100% prepared to excel on your test day.

Best Housing Options

You will have your room on campus.

With you every step of the way

Our team of experts helps you through the entire process. From finding the right university, to helping you with the admission process, all the way through getting your student visa, travel documents, and accommodation on campus.

1. Research

Based on your academic profile, your individual desires and your budget, we will propose the best universities in the best locations for you.

2. Admission

Epro 360 guides you through the U.S. admission process and makes sure, that your application gets through.

3. Visa & Logistics

We help you apply for the student visa, find you the perfect accommodation, and prepare for your travel to the United States.

Epro 360 is the easiest, smartest, and favorable
way to get to the U.S. as an international student.


Universities and Colleges are available


students successfully placed


in awarded in scholarships per student

About Epro 360

Every year, we send students who have dreams for a great future and are hungry for success and knowledge, to study in the U.S. To be truly successful and financially independent in the 21st century, it takes more than a degree. That's exactly what our slogan is: More than a degree. Our excellent team provides you not only knowledge and experience, but also the necessary attitude towards life, that leads to success.

Any questions about Epro 360?

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about Epro 360’s Program.

The Epro 360 process consists of three parts:

First, we analyse both sides of your profile; that is (1) your preferences and (2) what you bring to the table. This will be used as the foundation for the research process. During the research process, the Epro 360 team reaches out to the best fitting universities on your behalf, based on your profile. You will then receive a list of the best possible universities and potential scholarships.
Second, you decide which offer you like the most and we begin with the actual application process. The goal of the application process is to get the official admission letter from the university, along with any scholarship.
Third, we finalize everything to get you ready to travel to the U.S. This step includes your student visa, health insurance and logistics during the first weeks in the U.S. You and your family will also get access to a 24/7 hotline, as well as access to our community to contact us as well as other fellow Epro 360 students at any time throughout your studies.
This way you know that you will not only get there safely, but you also have someone to reach out while you are there.

Epro 360 promises that you will get the U.S. college experience you came to Epro 360 for. This includes your chosen academic major, admission at a well-ranked 20% university, and all within your family’s budget. Or else, Epro 360 promises a refund.

Epro 360 will first analyse your profile to see what you bring to the table. We will only find those universities and scholarships that fit your existing profile. This also means that you don’t have to do or be anything you’re not. All you need to do is to prepare your documents. Epro will help you do the rest.

Epro 360 is an independent service provider. This means we can always offer the best possible university to you, based on your individual profile and desires – out of all 5.300 universities in the U.S. This independence makes Epro 360 unique amongst other agencies.

Scholarship amounts can vary, based on the original price of the university. Some universities are naturally cheap, and the necessary scholarship amount can be lower. Other universities are more expensive. In these cases, the scholarship amount made available through Epro 360 will also increase accordingly.

When starting to work together, we will agree on a maximum amount to be paid by you to the university. The remaining amount will never exceed what we agree on, or else you will not pay us.

Epro 360
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Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about Epro 360’s Program.

"Epro 360 makes the dream of studying in the USA come true"

"Epro 360 makes the dream of studying in the USA come true"

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With the unique Epro 360 method, we make studying in the United States affordable for you, too!

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